Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development in Brussels



The SLORD Office coordinates a pilot project to create an informal network of vice-chancellors and vice-rectors of Slovak universities called ProEurope.

The ProEurope network is intended for people in the position of vice-chancellors working with the agenda of involvement in Horizon Europe and other European Union programmes in the field of research, development, innovation and educational activities.

The activity is initiated by the Department of International Cooperation of CVTI SR with the support of the Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic (MŠVaM).

What do we offer?

OMS CVTI SR and MŠVVaŠ, through their teams, are able to select and communicate relevant and up-to-date information to the members of the network with regard to:

  • developments, as well as expected future trends in EU research and education policies;
  • information of a strategic nature from the European institutions and key organisations at EU level;
  • the opportunities of Horizon Europe and related initiatives;
  • important research information related to the academic sector.

Vice-rectors and vice-chancellors of Slovak universities will be able to use the network:

  • get an expert overview of current events and opportunities, including specific recommendations;
  • communicate and exchange information with other members of the network;
  • pomôcť zamestnancom OMS CVTI SR a MŠVVaM lepšie pochopiť potreby vysokých škôl ako skupiny i jednotlivo a skvalitniť tak činnosť jeho tímov, vrátane v súvislosti s ich pôsobením v expertných skupinách a fórach.

In addition to email communication, regular short online meetings (one hour, once a month) with the added value of facilitating ad-hoc presentations or discussions with experts from both Slovak and foreign environments will be used to provide information and recommendations relevant to the academic sector.

How to apply?

Registration to the network is open continuously for vice-rectors and vice-chancellors of Slovak HEIs.

Contact person: Zuzana Černáková