Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


Collaboration with ISR (H2020 Calls, 2014-2015)

IRS (Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory) sa zaujíma o výzvy v oblastiach ako:

  • High Performance Computing and Parallelisation
  • Energy Efficient Buildings, Retrofitting and Deep Renovation, Buildings & Lifestyle Carbon Footprint Modelling
  • Energy Performance Modelling, Management and Prediction; Econometric Modelling and Simulation
  • Renewable Electricity, Smart Meters and Smart Grids
  • ICT-based solutions for Consumer Engagement and Energy Efficiency, Micro-generation Modelling and Trading
  • Factories of the Future, Robot-Human Teams Training
  • Simulation, Modelling, Analytics and Forecasting
  • Robotics for Flexible & Energy Efficient Production
  • Collaborative Online Tools for SME Innovation
  • Earth Observation, Space Applications and Data Exploitation, Geo-spatial Big Data Crowd-Sourced Solutions
  • Cloud Computing, Big Data Dash-boarding
  • Collective Awareness Platforms & Citizen Observatories
  • Enhanced Capacity for Sustainability Planning through Citizen Engagement for Solutions & Policies Co-design
  • Future Secure, Trustworthy Internet of Things
  • Privacy-aware, Secure Service and Companion Robotics
  • FPGA Technology for High-Speed Performance in various application domains including Robotics & Security
  • Creative Industries, Social Media, Citizens’ Social Spaces
  • Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment
  • Connected Smart Objects, Edge Smart Modelling
  • Automated Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Smart Cities Lighthouse Projects including Energy, Transport and ICT; Big Data Value Co-Innovation
  • Urban Dynamics Modelling, Community Solutions
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation, Digital Cultural Assets
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection including Smart Grid and Hazardous Sites — Prediction, First Stage Response
  • Cyber Security and Trusted e-Services
  • Crisis Management and Disaster Resilience including Man-made and Natural Disasters, Mitigation-Recovery
  • Socio-Ethical Co-Design in Security and Surveillance
  • EU Maritime -Coastal Border Security and Control
  • Process and Workflow Management and Optimisation
  • Scene of Crime Forensics, Computer/ Data Forensics
  • Internet Forensics to Combat Organised Crime
  • Fight Against Crime and Terrorism
  • Secure, Scalable Identity Management &  Biometrics

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