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Discover investment opportunities in Slovakia’s most promising startups with Deep Tech Finder

Europe’s startup ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with a wave of innovative European businesses captivating the global stage. Many of these enterprises are tech-based, utilizing pioneering technology and engineering to address Europe’s pressing issues of digitalization, sustainability, and industrial advancement.

However, these startups encounter unique obstacles in introducing their groundbreaking technologies to the market, including substantial capital requirements and a blend of technology and market risks that investors must be prepared to manage.

Using the Deep Tech Finder, deep tech companies, researchers, and investors can effortlessly discover European startups that have submitted patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) and are investment-ready. This powerful tool specifically targets companies that hold immense potential in introducing revolutionary technologies to the European market.

Currently (October 2023) there are 7687 startups in the database.

From Slovakia, the database includes 3 startups:

1. Glycanostics – A biotech company with unique solution for early cancer diagnosis

Glycanostics has developed a highly accurate cancer diagnostic test that utilizes patented technology to detect changes in a glycan attached to a protein in the blood. This innovative test covers the diagnostics of eleven types of cancer by identifying cancer-specific biomarkers released into the bloodstream. The testing process involves using antibody-coated magnetic particles to selectively extract the desired biomarker from a small serum sample. The interaction between the biomarker and the magnetic particles generates an optical signal, indicating the presence of a cancer-related biomarker. The method allows for efficient and precise cancer detection with minimal serum requirements.

At Glycanostics, the aim is aim is to develop, clinically validate & register an affordable, non-invasive next-gen liquid biopsy prostate cancer diagnostic test with accuracy of up to 90%.

2. Sensoneo – the provider of enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions

Sensoneo offers smart waste management technology that enables cities, and even enterprises, to lower their environmental footprint and be more efficient with their approach to waste. By incorporating their cutting-edge Smart sensors, they provide real-time monitoring of waste. This  innovative approach allows for a comprehensive digitization of waste infrastructure, empowering data-driven waste management. Sensoneo’s solutions allows for up to a 63 percent reduction of waste collection routes. All Sensoneo solutions are scalable and can be customized to any size of business, city, or country. The company’s solutions have already been installed in many cities all over the world, such as Prague, Buenos Aires, even Cambridge University. All in all, in more than 80 countries.

3. Voltia – Producer of electric vans and provider of other solutions related to electromobility

Voltia is the leading electromobility company that offers a wide range of products to facilitate the transition of fleets from combustion to electric. The company’s inventive solutions aim to simplify, enhance affordability, and ultimately excel in this transition. Services encompass finest eLCV leasing, strategic deployment planning, and the provision of highly efficient electric vans, ensuring comprehensive support. Slovak innovators at Voltia have excelled in doubling the storage capacity of courier vans Nissan e-NV200 vehicles. The electric delivery vans offer a range of 200-250 km during non-winter season, resulting in a 40% cost saving compared to standard diesel deliveries. The company introduced also an enlarged Nissan e-NV200 XL model, emphasizing the future of transportation is electric. This innovative model reduces the price per cubic meter by 20%. Voltia’s strategic approach highlights their commitment to sustainability and meeting evolving market demands.

Published on 01.12. 2023, slord