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IGLO Open ‚Evaluation novelties under Horizon Europe‘: video recording and presentation

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office, NRDIO, and the Slovak Liaison Office of Research and Development, SLORD have jointly organised an IGLO Open meeting about submission and evaluation novelties under Horizon Europe on 7 September 2021. IGLO Opens are organised by IGLO offices for the wider RDI stakeholder community.

The speaker, Isabel Vergara-Ogando (deputy head of unit of the Common Business Process Unit of the Common Implementation Center), has provided both a horizontal picture and detailed information about the main novelties of the programme. The online event was attended by more than 230 participants.

The slides of the presentation and the recording of the event can be reached below.

Corrigendum (video recording):

Based on the Commission FAQ Gender Equality Plans (GEP) will be enforced with calls that have a deadline in 2022. See:

Q: When will this GEP eligibility criterion be enforced in Horizon Europe?

A: A transition/grace period will take place during the first year of Horizon Europe: this eligibility criterion does not concern calls for proposals with deadlines in 2021 and will only be enforced as of calls with deadlines in 2022. Furthermore, for calls with deadlines in 2022 and beyond, once a project proposal is selected for funding following evaluations, consortium partners concerned by the eligibility criterion will have until Grant Agreement signature to confirm they have a GEP in place.

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September 8, 2021