Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


Slovak academic and research community lends a helping hand to Ukraine

The SLORD Office expresses solidarity with all the people of Ukraine affected by the ongoing military invasion. Slovakia is showing solidarity and the Slovak academic and research community is committed to lend a helping hand to Ukrainian researchers, students and others.

Public academic and research sector:

  • The Slovak Academy of Sciences offers its accommodation facilities to newly arrived Ukrainian researchers and doctoral students and their family members, as well as to family members of its current staff and PhD students from Ukraine.

The willingness to help and specific measures for students, employees and their families were announced by:

as well as the Technical University in Košice, University of Žilina, University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Technical University in Zvolen and many other institutions.

  • The Slovak biotechnology company Multiplex DX has announced that it is able to immediately open 2-3 jobs for scientists from Ukraine, including relocation assistance. If you know a smart molecular biologist, biochemist or nucleic acid chemist, ask them to contact

  • DB BIOTECH (Košice, Eastern Slovakia), an innovative biotech company that focuses on the design and production of antibodies for clinical diagnostics, is ready to include an experienced professional in the field of bioinformatics and/or AI in its scientific team. Please contact directly

Science for Ukraine (@Sci_for_Ukraine) Twitter account has been set up to collect and disseminate information about the support provided by universities and research institutions to students and researchers from Ukraine. If you are an institution providing support, you can also post information on your Twitter account and include the hashtag #ScienceForUkraine in your post.

Labs from all over the world are offering places for Ukrainian scientists and scholars using multiple platforms. One is available at this link, which currently has more than 500 offers.

This wave of support and cohesion shows that the academic and research sector forms an important pillar of society, strengthening democratic principles, fundamental rights, diversity, inclusion and academic values in general. If we have the opportunity to help, let us help, even if it is only by ignoring the misinformation and fake news that is and will be found in our media.

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March 1, 2022