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Slovak startup 3IPK among 20 selected for CASSINI Business Accelerator

Blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies, but several companies, from international giants like IBM to startups, are trying to use the technology in business.

One of them is Slovak 3IPK, which will be our next featured #SKstartUP.

Blockchain technology, which protects and makes the data flow transparent, can significantly reduce costs in this chain, says co-founder Juraj Zámečník, who worked for Airbus before founding the company.

Founded in 2019, but still in the early stages of development, startup 3IPK has so far received investments of around one million euros.  On top of blockchain their technology combines data analytics and AI to secure integrity, traceability, and authenticity of aerospace components´ data. They believe their software solutions based on blockchain technology is key for highly regulated sectors such as aviation where the trustworthy data are critical to vehicle´s longevity. 

Blockchain-based projects are popular among investors. Experts estimate that in 2029 the blockchain market will attack a value of $164 billion. Last year, it was less than $5 billion.

Overall, 3IPK is a leading space company, which was recently proven in the CASSINI Business Accelerator and is one of 20 space startups and scaleups selected for the first batch. CASSINI Business Accelerator offers a broad network of business coaches, mentors, and space industry operators with valuable insights about how to enter new markets. In addition, entrepreneurs will have access to investor networks across the EU.

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Published : 7. 6. 2023, slord