Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


Slovak successes at the EU Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS)

During the week of 13-18 September 2022, young scientists aged 14-20 met in Leiden, the Netherlands, to present a total of 85 different projects to an international jury of 22 highly qualified scientists and engineers. These projects covered a wide range of scientific fields including biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, social sciences, environment, mathematics, engineering and medicine.

The second prize was also awarded to Jakub Gál from Slovakia with his project „Optimized CNN implemented on TPU camera on autonomous robot and opensource analogue neural network accelerator with a parallel pipeline „. Besides him, Slovakia was also successfully represented by 20-year-old Lucia Cengelová with her biomedical project „Computational design and experimental construction of stable enzymes“, for which she won the CNIC prize. It is a three-day stay at the CNIC – National Centre for Cardiovascular Research in Spain.

The competition is a Commission initiative under the Science and Society programme and has been running since 1989 when 53 young scientists took part. This number has since increased to an average of 150 participants per year. The aim is to promote cooperation and exchange of information between young scientists, encouraging them to pursue future studies and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It also gives them the opportunity to get advice from experts, meet peers with the same interests and highlights their best achievements, thus attracting the interest of the general public and the media.

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Published: 20.9.2022, slord