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Successful #SKstartUP makes academic e-books more accessible, wants to go global

We bring you the first in a series of stories introducing successful slovak startups – #SKstartUP

Alex Světlík and Ivan Fratrič are young Slovak entrepreneurs who were inspired by the pandemic to start the digital library INEDUCO. The idea was born out of the lack of professional literature in the online space, which Slovaks are trying to change. They were reacting to the inefficiency of the practice that forces students to buy a book.

They understood that students do not need to own a book, most often they only need to borrow it.

The business plan can now improve the academic environment and save students hundreds of euros on the principle of streaming books. For €6 a month, students can draw unlimited amount of books from more than 20-thousand titles or relevant sources.

However, the service also benefits content providers by offering them funding for reading a publication. In this way, they want to prevent pirate distribution of works.

This project has received an investment of half a million euros from the Slovak fund Zero Gravity Capital, which belongs to the Zero One Hundred group. In their activities, they put emphasis on continuous education, meeting people and finding events where they can meet both potential partners and customers.

They are currently focusing on the Slovak and Czech markets but their vision is to provide Ineduco globally and to become a great Slovak company that transcends borders.

This article is taken from the ZERO2HERO website.

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Published 18.4.2023, slord