Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


The laureates for the prestigious Science and Technology Prize in Slovakia for the year 2023 have been announced

The esteemed award, announced by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports of the Slovak Republic, and organized by the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic (CVTI SR), aims to spotlight the most significant figures in scientific life, as well as scientific and technical teams, recognizing their noteworthy accomplishments in science and research within Slovakia.

Ján Kyselovič from CVTI SR highlighted the significance of awarding exceptional personalities in science, technology, research, and innovation, noting that this tradition has become an integral part of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia. He expressed his delight in acknowledging individuals who, through their expertise, passion, and dedication, contribute to societal progress.

The evaluation committee, comprising representatives from central state administration bodies, universities, scientific research institutions, and other stakeholders, meticulously selected nine laureates from the pool of submitted nominations, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the scientific landscape in Slovakia.

The Prize for Science and Technology was bestowed in five categories:

Category – Personality of science and technology

Prof. MUDr. Zuzana Gdovinová, CSc., from the Department of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and the Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice has earned a well-deserved reputation for her exceptional scientific contributions in the field of neurological disorders, with a particular focus on vascular, neurodegenerative, and demyelinating diseases.

Prof. MUDr. Fedor Šimko, CSc. from the Institute of Pathophysiology at the Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University in Bratislava has been recognized for his exceptional and internationally acclaimed achievements in the therapy of hypertensive and failing hearts. Additionally, his extraordinary representation of Slovak medicine on the global stage showcases his commitment to advancing medical knowledge beyond borders.

Dr. Ing. Tomáš Bucha from Forestry Research Institute Zvolen of the National Forestry Centre has been awarded for his outstanding contribution to the development of applied science through the establishment of the international Centre of Excellence LignoSilva, focused on the implementation of intelligent technologies in the forestry and forestry sector.

Category – Personality of science and technology under 35 years of age

RNDr. Andrea Svoradová, PhD., affiliated with the National Agricultural and Food Centre – Research Institute for Animal Production in Nitra, has been recognized for her significant scientific contributions in the fields of agricultural, animal biotechnologies, and biomedicine. Her pioneering work focuses on biodiversity preservation through the cryopreservation of sperm, embryos, and adult stem cells of national animal breeds.

Mgr. Martin Šebesta, PhD., from the Institute of Laboratory Research on Geomaterials at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, was acknowledged for his outstanding contributions to the environmental-geochemical interaction of human-created nanoparticles with soil, microorganisms, and plants. His work uncovers the intricate relationships within ecosystems and explores the potential applications of these findings in agriculture.

Doc. Ing. MSc. Martin Klaučo, PhD., associated with the Institute of Informatics, Automation, and Mathematics at the Slovak University of Technology  in Bratislava has been lauded for his research and practical implementation of tunable explicit controllers for optimizing industrial applications.

Category – Lifetime Achievement in Science and Technology

Prof. Ing. Zuzana Sternová, PhD., from the Building Testing And Research Institute in Bratislava, received accolades for her remarkable achievements in applied research related to thermal protection, renovation of existing buildings, energy efficiency, and energy certification. Her work extends to normative and legislative activities, significantly influencing the standards and regulations in these critical areas.

Category – Science Populariser

Doc. MVDr. Branislav Peťko, DrSc., associated with the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, was honored for his significant contributions to science popularization, particularly through the project „ Young people’s path to science live.“

Category – Scientific and technical team of the year

The scientific and technical team led by Ing. Jozef Kurek at VUJE (Nuclear Energy Research Institute) in Trnava, was acknowledged for their outstanding support to Slovenské elektrárne (Slovak Power Plants),  during the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of the commissioning of the third block of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant.

Published on 20.11. 2023, slord